About Us - Precision Field Services
Precision Field Services is a regional mortgage field services provider, based in Nashville, TN.
Property Preservation, REO Services, Asset Management, Mortgage Field Services, Foreclosure, Default, Default Servicing, REO, Real Estate Owned, Debris Removal, Trashout, Lawn Maintenance, Grass Cut, Grass Recut, Initial Grass, Janitorial, Maid Service, Initial Maid, Locksmith, Lock Change, Securing, Emergency Services, Boarding, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Tennessee, TN, Atlanta, Georgia, Southeast, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville.
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The Leadership Team

steve wilson headshot

Steve Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Precision Field Services

Ronnie Wilson

Chief Strategy Officer

Precision Field Services

ronnie wilson headshot
jason wilson headshot

Jason Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

Precision Field Services

How Precision started…

Back in 2006 the three of us were starting out in our various careers in real estate, construction, and technology, not unhappy but each of us thought we could do more. Ronnie was at the point in his life with a family where he was looking to buy a home. As it so happened the home Ronnie chose was a HUD home. While looking at the property he noticed a sign-in sheet and stickers saying the property had been winterized. Ronnie asked the agent what the sheet and stickers were about. The agent proceeded to tell Ronnie about the process HUD used to secure, preserve, and sell their homes. The other part that really got Ronnie’s attention was that HUD hired companies that hired local crews to do the work at the properties. A light bulb went off since all three brothers knew quite a bit about working on houses from previous experiences. When Ronnie told his brothers about what the agent told him they all came to the same conclusion, they needed to start their own business and Property Preservation was where they would start.

At first, it was slow going, cold calling agents and national vendors, getting a job here and there to where they finally began working with a large local REO agent who was able to provide steady work. During this time, it was just the three of them, occasionally they would hire someone to help with a very large job otherwise it was Steve, Ronnie, and Jason. Their goal back then as it is today, do the very best they can on each property. Very quickly they became known for their quality, timely work and simply making it easy for whoever hired them. So easy in fact, a client recently told us that in six months not one escalation or any issue had crossed his desk. Over the past 15 years, the company has grown from covering Tennessee to 9 states, 10 internal crews, 6 Vendor of the Year awards, Fannie Mae contract and the future remains bright.

We are proud to make our clients’ properties look the best on the block. Call us today to see how we can help you with your properties.